LAWSUIT FILED AGAINST SCRIBD, GILBERT, GLENDALE, SURPRISE, PHOENIX, interstate transmission of death threats, murder conspiracy, Trevor Nelson of glendale AZ, allegedly, @trevorelsonaz

Documents as filed in Court: Civil Complaint & Cover Sheet, civil-cover-sheet complaint Subpoenas, subpoenas-merged-first-batch Summons, summons-merged-first-batch Motions, motions-wfiling-first-batch From: scott … More

COMPLAINT against LCSO, Sheriff Mike Scott, Gilbert Police, Surprise Police, Glendale Police and Phoenix Police – Notarized – verified

Here is the complaint as filed, had to file it before it is fully proofread and finalized.  With interstate terrorist … More

Nelson, Glendale az, threats to kill Trevor J. Nelson, Trevor Jonas Nelson, Debra M. Riffel, Mariah Riffel, @trevornelsonaz,king.trev, trevorisbeast #GCU2020, Extreme violence, Domestic violence

The deceased Justin M. Nelson (dead via suicide) death threats targeting his son Trevor M. Nelson and Trevor Nelson’s mother, … More

Trevor Nelson, Glendale AZ, Phoenix Police Report, Alleged impersonation of police, Gilbert Police Officer Ryan Pillar lies to Phoenix Police

Trevor Nelson’s contacts with Ryan Pillar, Pillar’s parents and Huminski, Ryan Pillar is the redacted Gilbert AZ police officer.  A … More

Trevor Nelson’s Alleged Criminal history, Glendale AZ, @trevornelsonaz, king.trev, GCU2020, ironwood, debra riffel, Dale McMillam Drafting Services, Mariah & Greg Wilson, Kristine (Nelson) McMillan, Debra Marie Riffel (Jacquet), Trevor J. Nelson, Trevor Jonas Nelson.

The development and history of the alleged criminal conduct of Trevor Nelson beginning less than a year after the suicide … More

Supplemental police report concerning the alleged crimes of Trevor Nelson, Glendale AZ, @trevornelsonaz, king.trev, Debra Marie Riffel, Trevor J. Nelson, Trevor Jonas Nelson

Email to officials at the Phoenix Police Department. supplement-report-trevor-nelson-email-ppd-police or