COMPLAINT against LCSO, Sheriff Mike Scott, Gilbert Police, Surprise Police, Glendale Police and Phoenix Police – Notarized – verified

Here is the complaint as filed, had to file it before it is fully proofread and finalized.  With interstate terrorist … More

Nelson, Glendale az, threats to kill Trevor J. Nelson, Trevor Jonas Nelson, Debra M. Riffel, Mariah Riffel, @trevornelsonaz,king.trev, trevorisbeast #GCU2020, Extreme violence, Domestic violence

The deceased Justin M. Nelson (dead via suicide) death threats targeting his son Trevor M. Nelson and Trevor Nelson’s mother, … More

Supplemental police report concerning the alleged crimes of Trevor Nelson, Glendale AZ, @trevornelsonaz, king.trev, Debra Marie Riffel, Trevor J. Nelson, Trevor Jonas Nelson

Email to officials at the Phoenix Police Department. supplement-report-trevor-nelson-email-ppd-police or

Trevor Nelson alleged crimes – merge of entire website pdf for searching – Mariah Riffel, Mariah Wilson, Greg Wilson, Brian D Jacquet, Wendell Riffel, Debra Riffel, Justin M. Nelson, Kristine McMillan, Kristine Nelson, Clare McMillan, Dale McMillan and Dale McMillan Drafting services   or trevor-nelson-alleged-crimes-entire-website-merged-pdf   non-formatted text below, see links for formatting.  … …. In The United States Court … More