2013 alleged crimes of Trevor Nelson and impersonation of multiple persons, @trevornelsonaz, GCU 2020, ironwood

When i received the first death threat in 2015 from allegedly Trevor Nelson, there was a strange reference to sending a letter to someone’s parents.  Then I learned that Nelson sent a letter to the parents of Officer Pillar in 2013.  In this most recent discovery,   Nelson impersonates a friend of officer Pillar in 2013 and two years later sends me a letter while impersonating the same individual which ended up placing Pillar on desk duty.

The interconnections between the Crimes of Trevor Nelson are obvious and reveal an intense simmering mental disease that will be resolved with suicide or murder, too much energy and complexity has been spent on this criminal enterprise seeking vengeance for Nelson to walk away from.

Trevor Nelson’s 2013 alleged crimes via police reports:


Service Glendale, AZ – allgedly aiding and abetting terrorist activities of Trevor Nelson of Glendale


Trevor M. Nelson, Glendale AZ, @trevornelsonaz

Hangout of Trevor Nelson prior to Glendale AZ alleged crimes, Surprise AZ served with summons and complaint.


Hearing with surprise

hearing notice colloquey

motion to enlarge hearing duration

mike scott return of servComplaint (1)ice112

civil complaintComplaint (1)


Dept of public safety reports on Justin Nelson and Debra Riffel

nelson riffel production dept of pub safety


response to scridb notice of hearing



All attachments to complaint

URLs outpur with motion – court filed

Affidavit of huminski vs. lies of Lt. Harold Brady, Esq. (surprise az police)

affidavit muckrock w attachments

Police report re: death threat letter allegedly from trevor nelson glendale az. Note the federal investigation number regarding the case concerning alleged perpetrator trevor nelson, glendale az.

lee records only 2015

Second motion against sheriff scott for violation of automatic staty 11 USC 362

bankruptcy auto stay violation2

motion with lee records

motion to vacate -w lcso 2015a

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