The long police documentation of Nelson’s (glendale AZ) felony harassment of Huminski and Gilbert, AZ & Maricopa County involvement in the suicide of Nelson, @trevornelsonaz, gcu 2020, ironwood

A detailed police story of this very mentally ill individual and the mistakes made by the Town of Gilbert and the Maricopa County Attorneys office that led to the suicide.  Police report below.

Now the son of the deceased Justin M. Nelson is following in his father’s footsteps, but, engaging in interstate terrorism and crimes using the U.S. Mails that pale his father’s crimes.

Whatever agency has the alleged Anthrax Letter from Trevor Nelson, please alert me immediately as to the nature of the substance. The U.S. Mail seems to be quite a favorite tool of terror for the younger Nelson and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service looks on and applauds.   As these crimes are all interstate, the FBI needs to be on this case.

The USPIS has actively aggravated my FOIA attempts to track down the killer (allegedly Trevor Nelson) and his co-conspirators in Florida.  As I am the only one working this case, obstruction of my investigation by the USPIS is not appreciated.

Now the long strange history of Nelson and his terror tactics, a bold liar like his son Trevor who in a sworn document stated that i was incarcerated in Vermont.  Never happened.


The current alleged crimes of Trevor Nelson, the interstate transmission of terrorist death threats and toxic materials via the U.S. Mails puts the crimes of the deceased Nelson in the minor leagues compared to his son.




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