Justin M. Nelson (deceased) out of control, yet, Gilbert Police refuse to act causing the suicide of Nelson for which his son, Trevor Nelson of Glendale AZ seeks revenge…

A suicide caused by a completely incompetent police agency, the Gilbert AZ police.


So apparently the Gilbert police would rather have a suicide occur than do their jobs.

Did Nelson need to be off the streets and need intense medical care and supervision.  YES.  Did he need to die because of police misconduct, negligence and poor training.  NO….

Missing from the police commentary is that Justin M. Nelson did publish pictures of his 13 year old son’s genitals widely on the internet and he admits the publishing of the picture in the taped conversation with attorney Scott Stewart.  No wonder Trevor Nelson is angry with the world and seeks vengeance, police did nothing to stop the sexual exploitation of the minor, Trevor Nelson.   Now the adult Trevor Nelson is allegedly engaged in a wide variety of state and federal crimes and, once again, police wait for a murder or suicide.

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