SUPOENAS for service w/complaint in interstate transmission of terrorist death threat case, Trevor Nelson Glendale AZ. Defendants Scribd, Gilbert, Surprise,Phoenix,Glendale, etc.

See documents below.

Gilbert, Surprise and Wilton, the “threats” in these subpoenas refer to the lifetime arrest threats issued by Debra Hartin, Peter Trahan and Hector Heredia and any other threats to Huminski.  Don’t play games as human life is at risk related to the terrorist death threats and murder conspiracy.

SCRIBD, restore my account, your teaming up with Nelson/Riffel to cover-up their crimes is corrupt.

Lifetime arrest threats targeting speech and civil litigation against Sergeant Bruce Hume constitute obstruction of justice related to the thousands of dollars that Hume owes to Huminski.  Use of police powers to enrich fellow police officials is the height of police corruption and patently criminal under State and Federal criminal statutes.  The fact the the obstruction of justice is interstate only compounds the severity of the police crimes. I can’t bring litigation to get my portion of the estate monies without contact with Hume, this is obstruction of justice to enrich a police officer is the height of official corruption.  See rules promulgated by AZ Supreme Court concerning injunctions against harassment which Gilbert and Surprise chose to evade with draconian police no contact threats of arrest.

Subpoenas and civil cover sheet,








Merged pdf of above,



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