Surprise Police, Harold Brady, refuses public records request & claim Phoenix, Glendale AZ MCSO and LCSO Sheriff Mike Scott violated federal law

Looks like I found a smoking gun.  Surprise AZ refuses to produce public records and insinuates that Phoenix and Glendale police and sheriff Mike Scott violated federal law by producing public records.  Another corrupt police official caught.

Even Sheriff Joe’s MCSO complied with my request and allegedly broke federal law according to this sleazy attorney working for the Surprise police.

The most disturbing part of this is that this corrupt  police official is violating AZ public records law to  obstruct an investigation into the interstate transmission of terrorist death threats and a murder conspiracy.  Deplorable police misconduct.



From: scott huminski <>
Sent: Friday, January 6, 2017 11:39 AM
To:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; JClark@GLENDALEAZ.COM;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; AMaynes@GLENDALEAZ.COM;;;;;;;; McDaniel, James M.;
Subject: Surprise Police claim Glendale, Phoenix and LCSO violated federal law

Harold Brady, attorney for the surprise police claims that producing public records under a State FOIA request violates federal law.

Brady, Supply the statutes, law or case law you rely upon as required by statute, you must supply a list of the documents and the reason for withholding under the law.  Law enforcement must OBEY THE LAW as well as enforcing it.

“If requested, the custodian of the records of an agency (as prescribed under A.R.S. § 41-1001) shall also furnish an index of       records or categories of records that have been withheld and state the reasons that each record has been withheld. A.R.S. § 39-121.01(D)(2). ”

Brady’s unlawful and obstructionist statement in full violation of international human rights.
Looks like I found a smoking gun.  Surprise AZ refuses to produce public records and insinuates that Phoenix and Glendale police and sheriff Mike Scott violated federal law by producing public reco…

From: scott huminski <>
Sent: Thursday, January 5, 2017 6:08 AM
To:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; JClark@GLENDALEAZ.COM;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; AMaynes@GLENDALEAZ.COM;;;;;;;; McDaniel, James M.;
Subject: Updated lawsuit against Glendale & Tracey Wood

New Link to lawsuit at below page.  This dirty Glendale cop is worse than the criminal she is “working” with or his dead father.  She should be arrested.

This matter escalated (if possible to escalate a murder conspiracy) when Riffel chose to commit perjury at Manistee Justice Court.

As was the case with his father, law enforcement is playing with fire concerning the support of the crimes of Trevor Nelson.

This kid has serious mental issues that were not helped by his discovery of the body of his father hanging behind the front door, dead, ashen grey with white aspirate coming from his mouth.  As he has the DNA of his father, mental issues and criminal conduct are to be expected.  Here’s a link about using hanging for suicide which suggests a selfish motive for Nelson to choose this technique as it was an intensely disturbing way for his son to find the body probably contributing to the crimes and the son’s desire to finish the work of his father who stated often, “revenge is a dish best served cold” (exactly what Trevor Nelson is doing – finishing the work of his father).

Why do people hang themselves? Some people regard it as a simple and clean way to end their lives, but it’s not the case. Read for the truth about hanging as a …

Wood’s misconduct led to Gilbert Police Officer Ryan Pillar to be placed on desk duty for almost 2 months as the letter instigating the issue was a letter from Nelson while Wood was “working” with Nelson.

Nelson played Wood just like Nelson’s father played AZ law enforcement.  How did that work out?  Suicide.  The longer that law enforcement lets the terrorism flourish, the results become grave (literally).  STOP THE TERRORISM.   — scott huminski
According to the below police report, the Glendale Police have been assisting (“woking with”)Trevor Nelson concerning his terrorism, conspiracy to commit murder, interstate transmission…

From: scott huminski <>
Sent: Wednesday, January 4, 2017 6:35 AM
To:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; McDaniel, James M.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Public Records PPD; McDaniel, James M.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; JClark@GLENDALEAZ.COM;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; AMaynes@GLENDALEAZ.COM;;;;;;;
Subject: LAWSUIT-Glendale PD (Tracey Wood) assisting Nelson in Terror campaign & CRIME

Ethics and Professional standards complaint – Officer Tracey Wood, Glendale PD

The crimes of trevor nelson began less than a year after his father’s suicide.  In 2013, Nelson began his campaign of crime and terror with contacts to Ryan Pillar of the Gilbert Police while impersonating me and other persons.

Two years later in 2015  while impersonation Officer Pillar,  Nelson begins his series of death threat letters to me after a few bizarre emails to me and others in 2013 while impersonating his dead father.  After a string of death threats and other bizarre letters sent via the U.S. Mails, Nelson to chose to start emailing me while impersonating his dead father again on 12/12/2016.  Polygraph Nelson, he is no victim, he is manipulating law enforcement with this crazy, yet elaborate, scheme taken from the playbook of his dead father.

The problem is we don’t know when Nelson is going to attempt the murder and, concurrently, Glendale PD (Tracey Wood) is assisting Nelson or as stated in the Phoenix Police report “working with” Nelson.  Police do not work with or help criminals with their crimes.  According to the PPD report in Oct 2016, Ofc Wood had been working with Nelson for more than a year while Nelson was sending U.S. Mail to me as late as March 2016 and emailed me less than a month ago impersonating his dead father.   Wood must stop encouraging Nelson with his crimes.  She is unfit to be a police officer.

There is environmental forensics trapped on the  self adhesive stamps and envelopes sent by Nelson (pollen, dust, spores, etc) detailing where and what month the letters to me and Pillar were authored.  This will reveal all letters originated from Glendale AZ at dates consistent with their mailings.  Atmospheric content of AZ during the various seasons is unique from other parts of the country, such as Florida where Nelson had 3 letters sent from by a third party, but had prepared those letters in Glendale.  Those letters, in particular, will reveal the AZ origination.

The crimes that Glendale is “working” on with Trevor Nelson are; interstate transmission of death threats via the U.S. Mails, Obstruction of Justice (federal court), witness intimidation, witness tampering, impersonation of a police officer (Ryan Pillar – Gilbert Police), ID theft, harassment and other serious State and Federal Crimes.  Police Officer Tracey Wood is furthering the criminal enterprise operated by Nelson which started in 2013 less than a year after the suicide of his father for which he seeks blood vengeance.

Glendale police working with Nelson at the time he drafted a letter that got Ofc Pillar placed on desk duty is not consistent with a law enforcement function.  Working with and assisting Nelson while he drafted letters and emails that were sent by Nelson after October 2015 is the epitome of police corruption.  There is just too much terrorism in the world.  Law enforcement should play no part in the support of domestic terror.

This 18 year old punk has the same mental diseases as his father and his father’s propensity for impersonation of others and general criminal tendencies.  Glendale PD, instead of “working” with Nelson, polygraph him and then realize he has been engaging in serious serial criminal conduct since 2013.  He is a product of his upbringing by Justin Nelson and Riffel.  The Glendale police should not foster such conduct.  Riffel most recently engaged in perjury in the Manistee Justice Court related to these matters.

Glendale will be added to the lawsuit for support of Nelson’s crimes since Oct 2015 and libel per se.  To accommodate the facts and claims against Glendale the filing of lawsuit will be pushed off to next week.  I will seek only declaratory and injunctive relief, no immunity will apply.  No insurance company participation.  The lawsuit without Glendale and Wood is at my site.  Nelson working with police while engaging in domestic terrorism explains a lot such as why serious crime targeting Pillar, myself and the United States Courts have gone without any attempt at enforcing the law.  Nelson specifically mentions the penalty of death for participation in proceedings before the United States District Court and then sends the second death threat days after appeal is taken to the United States Second Circuit Court of Appeals in NYC.

There will be no police sponsored terrorism or murder.

This case is following the example set by the Surprise and Gilbert police with regard to Justin M. Nelson.  Result = suicide of Nelson at age 36 by hanging and discovered by the new alleged criminal, Trevor Nelson.  Nelson is a danger to himself and others and needs to be off the streets or under close supervision.

Tracey Wood, inquire with Nelson as to why his instagram account got taken down in 2015 after he engaged in ID theft and attempted to impersonate me on that service.  I was sent a confirmation email by instagram, alerted them of impersonation and Nelson’s account was taken down.  Also, who opened the new email account for his dead father recently?  This is not rocket science.

Tracey Wood, Nelson admitted to you a monumental motive for murder, vengeance for his father’s suicide, so the decision is to work with Nelson to help achieve his goals as set forth in the 1st and 2nd death threat letters with the motive being set forth in your police report.

Also See generally research on Nelson that I began once I received the first death threat in the U.S. Mail in April 2015 unlike Nelson who has been involved in this scheme since 2013.  All info. including scans of the death threats are included.

My involvement in this matter began with the receipt of the following terrorist death threat believed to be authored by Trevor Nelson.  Domestic terrorism such as this must be rejected by law enforcement, not assisted by corrupt individuals such as tracey wood.  Notably, at a court hearing in Surprise AZ  July 2016 Nelson’s mother did not deny her son’s terrorist activities.  Now it is clear that Glendale Police and Tracey Wood have become accomplices of Nelson.   Almost two years of looming murder from a nut seeking blood vengeance is more than enough to endure.

“Hello Scott,

It’s almost time for you to die.

Did you think that I would let you get away with your bullshit and your lawsuits? … Enjoy your last few days on earth.

I’ll be there real soon. Officer Pillar”

From: scott huminski <>
Sent: Saturday, December 31, 2016 8:49 PM
To:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; McDaniel, James M.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Public Records PPD; McDaniel, James M.;;;;;;;
Subject: Heightened terror threats in bonita springs

Much to the dismay of our neighbors, new security lighting has been installed at our home.  the recent email from Nelson indicates his dedication to the murders to avenge the suicide of his father.  — scott huminski

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