Surprise Police tip off Nelson concerning involuntary mental hospitalization and cause suicide of Justin M. Nelson – Phoenix Police Report

A high ranking cop with the Surprise Police tipped off Nelson as to the involuntary mental health pickup.  Emails that Nelson sent that caused the mental health hospitalization order are located here and they were verified as true and correct by the Gilbert AZ police.

Here is the police report(s), notice I immediately forwarded the emails to the phoenix police.  Nelson refused to forward the emails and instead provided doctored paper copies to the police.  A crime in itself – false reporting to law enforcement.  The Nelson/Riffel crime family at it again.  Trevor Nelson has been influenced in the pursuit of his alleged crimes by the conduct of his parents, their criminal records, bankruptcies, evictions, suspended licenses, driving without insurance, creditors lawsuits, driving under suspension, domestic violence, drug abuse and more.


Initial lawsuit papers served upon Gilbert and Surprise in advance of filing to allow emergency relief to issue.



LCSO public records request,


Lawsuit Complaint Rev. E


Trevor M. Nelson, Glendale AZ, @trevornelsonaz



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