Nelson, Glendale az, threats to kill Trevor J. Nelson, Trevor Jonas Nelson, Debra M. Riffel, Mariah Riffel, @trevornelsonaz,king.trev, trevorisbeast #GCU2020, Extreme violence, Domestic violence

The deceased Justin M. Nelson (dead via suicide) death threats targeting his son Trevor M. Nelson and Trevor Nelson’s mother, Debra M. Riffel (aka Jacquet) and Mariah Riffel.  A sick, sick family.  No surprise that Trevor M. Nelson has allegedly taken up a life of crime.  Its in his DNA and he grew up in an environment of crime and completely irresponsible parents.  Justin M. Nelson and Debra M. Riffel, failed parents.  Aside from outright crime, Trevor Nelson was brought up with constant evictions, parents’s driver license suspensions, lawsuit from landlords and other creditors and bankruptcy.  A mess and shameful conduct of parents that led to the alleged crimes of Trevor Nelson.  See Generally, this website.

See Police Report,


Trevor M. Nelson, Glendale AZ, @trevornelsonaz

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