Trevor Nelson, Glendale AZ, Phoenix Police Report, Alleged impersonation of police, Gilbert Police Officer Ryan Pillar lies to Phoenix Police

Trevor Nelson’s contacts with Ryan Pillar, Pillar’s parents and Huminski, Ryan Pillar is the redacted Gilbert AZ police officer.  A few redactions are critical to the conspiracy to commit murder investigation and were wrongfully withheld by the Phoenix Police.

(see link at end of this post for police report)


First death threat with mention of 2013 letter to Ryan Pillar’s parents,>

First, Pillar lied to Phoenix PD about Gilbert getting an injunction against me and harassment, a crime, false reporting.

The bizarre correspondences and emails that Pillar received were from Trevor Nelson.  I always wondered what the reference to Pillar’s parents was in the first death threat letter I received.

This Trevor Nelson is really sick.  At 14 he was confronted with his father hanging dead after opening the front door of his house.   Apparently, he has successfully created an interstate terror and harassment scheme that is completely consistent with the behavior of his parents he learned while growing up.  His death threats are completely credible considering his mental state and desire to exact revenge for his father’s death.

This elaborate plan involving Pillar, Pillar’s parents and myself signifies a serious mental illness presenting itself in potpourri of serious State and Federal Crimes beginning in 2013, less than a year after the suicide of his father Justin M. Nelson, and continuing into 2016.

Alleged crimes:

impersonation of police officer, harassment, U.S. Mail crimes, interstate transmission of terrorist death threats, witness intimidation/tampering Federal Court matters.


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